Barmouth Publicity Association AGM 2021

The following questions have been received from members during the virtual 2021 AGM.

Katie Price
Faith Atkins doesn't appear in the minutes in the "present" section.
Faith joined the meeting after the record of attendance was taken due to hotel duties. The minutes have been updated.
Katie Price
Can the committee for re-election be listed as individuals, rather than accepting the committee as a group? How does someone present themselves to be considered to join the committee?
The committee are agreed that this year's AGM is, under the circumstances, little more than a 'holding exercise' until such time as we can once again meet properly. As such therefore we are simply asking for a confirmation vote for the committee as a whole. (continued next line)
As above
As above
Given the difficulties of arranging a vote for any new committee member volunteers the committee is agreed that if anyone expresses an interest in becoming a committee member they will be co-opted until their position can be confirmed at a future meeting. Should there be multiple volunteers the committee will make a choice as to who to co-opt.