Ash Woodwork

Ash Woodwork
Ash Woodwork
Ash Woodwork

Hand turned and crafted wooden items, made in Barmouth using local timber.

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Ash Woodwork

I create a wide variety of turned objects, such as bowls, platters, pens, keyrings, vases etc. I also create other wooden items such as chopping/serving boards and lamps. I use local and reclaimed timber in all of my products, and make use of the grain and figuring in each piece to highlight its beauty! Each piece is individual and unique and can never be replicated.

Mini oak chopping boards are perfect for serving cheese and crackers. With a cast iron handle, they are rustic, practical, and would make a great addition to any kitchen.

Small bowls such as these are great for dropping off your keys, change, or anything else you have in your pockets.

Jewellery dishes have proven to be very popular, they are great for keeping your rings/earrings/bracelets safe whilst looking great!

I create lidded pots, this one is Spalted Sycamore, with wonderful figuring in the grain. It has been finished off with an oak lid, along with a laburnum finial, turned off centre.

Green turned bowls are fun! Once shaped, as they dry, they warp slightly, creating unpredictable shapes and undulations in the timber. These particular bowls are Holly, which move a lot throughout the drying process.

Fruit bowls are very popular, I try and use a wide variety of timber, from different parts of the local area, so each piece is personal and can be related to by people from that particular area.

Large bowls such as these make great centrepieces and will last a lifetime. They are easy to clean and maintain, and make great talking points. They also make great wedding/anniversary presents.

I create chopping boards with quirky handles, as well as more traditional square or rectangle shapes. I sometimes add leather handles to the boards.

I often create twin sets, such as this chopping board and bowl. They are good value for money and complement each other wherever you decide to use them.

My Pens are made using high quality components, along with a smooth writing rollerball insert. They make great gifts, and can be made in many different types of wood.

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