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Our list of flavours is growing daily, always experimenting with new ingredients. We currently have lots of exciting flavours to choose from, so you are sure to find a fudgeridoo to tantalize your taste buds. At Fudgeridoo we are trying to do things a bit different, bringing these glorious flavours into your home. If your lucky you might turn up on a designer Fudgeridoo making day and see how its done....all fresh by hand in the shop. Fudge is a fantastic I Love You gift to that special someone or a lovely Thank you Gift.

All available at our online shop.

ON EVERY BOX, BUY 3 BARS GET YOUR 4th BAR FREE! Christmas Toffee Fudgeridoo Filled with Toffee Pieces, a Truly Scrumptious Delight.

Our Death by Chocolate topped with Curlywurly's and Caramel Fudgeridoo bursting with Toffee Pieces.

Blast from the Past! Smooth Caramel Lovers Lovingly Caressing your Favourite Caramac Chunks!

Fudgeridoo's take on the Great British Trifle.

Our Creamy Vanilla Fudgeridoo packed with Lashings of Lotus Spread and Lotus Biscuits. Lovingly folded with Death by Chocolate. Topped with Lotus Crumb.

Amaretto Biscuit in a Chocolate Base, topped with a Rich Smooth Amaretto Fudge, filled with Cherries & Cranberries

Smooth Silky Creamy Vanilla Fudgeridoo Dusted with Glittering Snowflakes.

It's not all fudge! We sell our Jelly Belly's in a branded ziplock Bag of 4 Flavours. You choose 4 Flavours each weighing 100g each
Each bag will weigh a minimum of 400g. There are approximately 344 Jelly Beans per 400g.

In store or by post relive your childhood with pick 'n' mix sweets.

And for something completely different: at Fudgeridoo we have been stocking The Original Matryoshka Nesting Doll for over 10 years.

A Perfect gift for someone or lovely to just add to your collection.

The wooden Matryoshka doll has symbolised Russian folk art for since the end of the 19th century.

The name Matryoshka takes its origin from the Latin “mater”, meaning mother. To this day the Matryoshka doll remains a symbol of motherhood.

The wooden dolls are made in several regions around Moscow, with the area of Sergiev Posad being the traditional centre for doll painting in Russia.

Each doll is handcrafted from Lime wood, which is seasoned for at least 3 to 4 years before being hand turned and painted by Artists, making each doll a unique work of art.

The dolls are exquisitely painted in the finest details, either in a traditional flower style or with scenes that depict folklore, architecture or fairy tales.

~ a gift inside a gift, inside a gift...

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