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The Welsh Government currently has a consultation in process that proposes to change the conditions for Self Catering businesses to register for Business Rates. The proposal is to increase the number of days let from 70 to 182 (available for 252). At the same time the Welsh Government has changed the maximum Council Tax premium from 100% to 300%. This means that Local Councils can charge up to 300% premium on Council Tax for second and empty homes. There can be little doubt that Gwynedd Council will apply the maximum premium it can.

Barmouth Town Council will respond to the consultation, objecting strongly to the increase in the days let. It would be helpful for the Council to have some real data regarding the impact on self-catering owners with property in Barmouth. All fields are optional, the more information we have the better. Anonimity will be maintained, no names or details will be shared in any form.

If you wish to respond to the consultation yourself, the link is here: Consultation link

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