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About Us

This website is owned and managed by the Barmouth Publicity Association (BPA). The BPA has been in existance for over 100 years. It performs the functions often done by a Town Council or Chamber of Commerce of publicising the town to visitors and locals.

The constitution of the BPA has 4 objectives:

  • To promote Barmouth and the surrounding area to current and potential visitors and residents.

  • To further the interests of Barmouth and the surrounding area by raising its profile across the UK and international markets.

  • To carry out group or collective marketing initiatives and other projects considered suitable in pursuance of these objectives.

  • To engage with other local, national or international groups and organisations to ensure Barmouth is promoted effectively.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join, anyone who advertises with the BPA is automatically a member. Others interested in being members can apply to the committee. The BPA has a management committee elected at the AGM to which all members are invited. The BPA has close links with the Town Council (with a councillor on the committee) and with the Barmouth Walking Festival.

The current committee members are: David Brown (Chairman), Trevor Parry (Secretary), Jon Pike (Treasurer), Rob Triggs (Town Council representative), Lesley Amison (Barmouth Walking Festival), Iain Paterson, Sarah Radford, Faith Atkins, Zarina Lamb, Heather Brown (Administrator).

What we do

The BPA produces advertising materials for Barmouth, manages Facebook and other social media pages and represents Barmouth in the wider Tourism industry.


The BPA also manages the I Love Barmouth Facebook group.


The BPA produces the Town Guide. We also produce some postcards and Short Walks leaflets

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Barmouth Town Guide
Barmouth Town Guide
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